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Welcome to US Resin

About US Resin:

United States Resin Company has been a leader in the water conditioning industry since 1976. At US Resin, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and delivering quality, top-of-the line products -- on time and within your budget.

Our Products: Resin, Exchange Tanks, Filtration Media, Exchange Tank Parts, Portable Dionized Water Systems, and Pro Chemicals

At USResin we offer Resin, Filtration Medias, Portable Stainless Steel Exchange Tanks, Exchange Tank Parts, Custom Made Tanks, Culligan style tanks, Ecowater Servisoft, Portable Deionized Water Systems, Rayne tanks, ProChemicals, and Portable Poly Glass Tanks such as Structural, Park, Wave Cyber and Empress Tanks. Consult our Resin Comparison Chart to cross reference the designations of our resin against those of other companies.

Our Water Treatment Product Certifications

Many of our products are certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA) and our Sales Representatives are highly-trained and advanced Certified Water Specialists (CWS). Your Sales Rep will be able to help you identify and select the best product for your specific need or application. And since US Resin has Warehouses in California and Ohio, we also offer industry competitive pricing with low freight rates.

Pro Chemical Products

In additon to high quality resin products, we offer a variety of Pro Chemical products and water treatment solutions. Our Pro Chemical water treatment solutions focus on rectifying problem water and also work well for maintaining the performance of residential and light commercial water systems.

Di Water Systems / Portable Deionized Water Systems

US Resin is also proud to offer Di Water Systems or Portable Deionized Water Systems. Our di water systems offer a spot free rinse. DI water enables consumers to wash vehicles with professional results, wash windows without leaving spots or residue, wash work trucks, machinery, or even solar panels. With our portable spot-free deionized water rinsing systems you can expect spot free results everytime.

To receive a quote on your specific needs please call, fax or e-mail us and a response will be sent back promptly.

Resin, Media, Culligan Style Exchange Tanks and Exchange Tank Parts

At US Resin we offer a full line of Filtration Media, Resin, Anthracite, Calcite, Filter Sand, Gravel, Garnet, MTM, Birm, Corosex, Corosex II, Filter-Ag, Filter-AG+, Manganese Greensand, Pyrolox, Cation, Anion, Mixed Bed products and other filtration applications.

Our tanks are the best in the business. We sell Portable Exchange Tanks, Structural Poly Glass Tanks, Culligan style tanks, Ecowater Servisoft tanks, Rayne tanks, Tank Parts, Tank Carts, Pressure Vessels and Custom Stainless Steel Tanks. When you purchase a Portable Exchange Tank, Pressure Vessel or even a Custom Tank from us you know they will be reliable.

We service residential water treatment and light commercial water treatment companies. See our Resin Comparison Chart for choices and options. A certificate of analysis and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) will accompany every order of new resin.